Firefly Dragon
Adult firefly rendered

Most Element:






Most Color:


Firefly Dragons are a firefly-like dragon breed. It is also a type of Wyvern, since it has only two legs.


They are mostly red with yellow wings with white spikes on it. They have spiky tails with a light ball at the end, they have a white spike on their leg and long red whiskers. Being a type of wyvern, they only have two legs.


They attack by heating up the ball at the end of their tails, and swiping it at enemies. Like most dragons, they have a breath power, since their most element is Fire, Fire Breath is the most common breath power for them. They also attack by using their spikes on their tail and swiping it at enemies.


They live in dark caves and/or underground areas. They usually only come out of their homes at night, so that way they can hunt for prey when the prey is sleeping. They use their glowing ball at the end of their tail to light up dark areas.

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